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VentiFresh: The Odor Eliminator for Cat Litter Rooms


 While cats are unbelievably cute and regal, the smell that comes from their litter box is almost criminal. The funk will seem stronger if you have a small space, like a studio apartment or several felines. Yet, even if you have a bigger place with sizeable bathrooms, you'll admit shutting the door doesn't always confine the odor.

There are many products that have been developed to keep away litter stink. We'll tell you exactly why VentiFresh is the ultimate odor eliminator for cat litter rooms.

The environmentally-friendly alternative

When people think of pet odor removal, they think of a device or material that absorbs the foul air from the atmosphere or masks it with a different, more pleasant scent. The thing with absorbent products, most of them, like odor-absorbing balls and charcoal filters, will work well for a few days but then start losing their efficacy; they have a terrible shelf life.

The more improved versions, like the Moodify Pet and Rocco & Roxie odor eliminators, last longer, but they'll also need replacing at the end of the day. VentiFresh makes its case as the best odor eliminator for cat litter rooms because it eliminates the need for replacements and consumables; it is less wasteful and better for the environment. This is possible because VentiFresh products act as litter box odor neutralizers and not absorbers.

Check out the VentiFresh ECO PLUS (UVC)

Why VentiFresh products don't require things like filter replacements is encapsulated in the design of the VentiFresh ECO PLUS (UVC). It is a bite-sized, antibacterial, and eco-friendly air purifier that utilizes UV photocatalyst technology inspired by NASA to disintegrate odor molecules. It's not designed to act as a typical room air purifier; instead, one is advised to place it next to the source to clear out the offending microbes before they spread out into the entire room.