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VentiFresh ECO Cat Poop Smell Eliminator - Now On Sale at Brookstone

We love owning cats, but we can all agree that their litter boxes stink! Managing litter box odor is definitely not the most glamorous part about being a pet owner.

You may be using other litter odor eliminator products such as baking soda, specialized clumping litter, cat odor absorbers, and air freshener sprays to tackle this issue. With these solutions, you have to continuously purchase replacements as they are consumables that are quickly used up.

VentiFresh ECO is an innovative, electronic litter box odor eliminator that requires no filter changes and no consumables that require placements.

Raising over $300K over on Indiegogo, VentiFresh ECO odor eliminator is the ultimate cat poop smell eliminator that is loved by pet owners around the world. VentiFresh cat poop smell eliminator provides high tech ventilation while purifying and sanitizing the surrounding air to break down odor molecules from the source.

The Ultimate Cat Poop Smell Eliminator - Just $44.99 for a Limited Time

Both the VentiFresh ECO and VentiFresh ECO PLUS (UVC) models are now available on for a discounted price, for a limited time.

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