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Best Litter Odor Eliminator with NASA-Inspired Technology for 2021

Unique Electronic Litter Odor Eliminator - VentiFresh ECO Odor Eliminator

Because pets are so cute, we often let them get away with causing these odors in our homes. Cat urine contains high levels of ammonia, which not only smells bad, but could potentially trigger respiratory problems. Many pet owners use baking soda, charcoal pouches, air freshener sprays, and other pet odor eliminating products to deal with these unfortunate smells. Most of the products on the market are consumables, meaning that they are 'intended to be used up relatively quickly'.

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At VentiFresh, we believe that you should not have to endure cat litter box odors. Our innovative electronic little odor eliminator uses UV-photocatalyst technology to break down odor molecules in the air, instead of masking odors with fragrances.

We don't mask odors. VentiFresh ECO Odor Eliminator breaks down odor molecules at its source.

VentiFresh's UV-photocatalyst process is an eco-friendly, all natural process that does not required added chemicals, or consumables (such as filters that you have to change on a monthly basis).

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We have been featured on New York Post, Mashable, and as a great gift for the pet lovers in your lives who are looking for remove litter box odor.

Still have questions about how VentiFresh ECO can help you eliminate pet odors and litter box odors in your home? Reach out to our customer service team to get your questions answered.