• Pint-Sized Gadget with

    Advanced Technology

    Defeat Odors with Science

    VentiFresh ECO

    Up 50% Faster Odor Reduction Compared to the Original VentiFresh

  • The Technology We Use

    Inspired by NASA Application

    VentiFresh combined the UV photocatalyst technology and air ventilation techniques

    VentiFresh combines UV photocatalyst technology and air ventilation techniques to combat odor.


    Chlorophyll in plants captures sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. Similarly, our nano-grade photocatalyst core breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs ), or odors in gas form, into carbon dioxide and water on contact.


    Using a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan, odor molecules in the air are pressured to flow inside VentiFresh's air compartment. The air then gets processed by a photocatalyst energized by UV light. As a result, clean air flows out of VentiFresh through air vents on the sides. Since the reaction is chemistry at the molecular level, odor compounds here are decomposed rather than captured by a filter, so there’s nothing to be replaced or refilled.

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  • VentiFresh ECO vs. Original VentiFresh

    Take Odor Elimination to the Next Level

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    After the successful introduction of our 1st generation VentiFresh Odor Eliminator about 4 years ago, we’re beyond grateful for the support from our backers. Not only did we receive the funding necessary to kick off our marketing, we have also received a lot of feedback and suggestions. With the sales revenue generated by the original VentiFresh device, we continued to invest in the material research of UV photocatalyst technology. By the end of 2018, we developed a new processing method for the photocatalyst materials that allowed our product to respond faster, more efficiently and more powerfully to clean up bad odors in the air.


    The new UV photocatalyst core on VentiFresh ECO provides improved efficiency to process air faster as well as in larger volume. This new technology is 3 times more powerful than the previous version.

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  • Ammonia Reduction Test

    VentiFresh ECO Fruit Rot Test

  • Independent Tests

    Photobiological Test

    Removal Test & SGS Report​

  • Eco-Friendly Odor Eliminator with No Chemicals

    Take Odor Elimination to the Next Level

    Ventifresh VS. Baking Soda

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    3x More Efficient Than Baking Soda

    We conducted a test comparing the performance of VentiFresh versus a retailed baking soda disk. An ammonia test tray with a concentration was placed inside two identical 40L household trash cans. We allowed both VentiFresh and the baking soda disk to work for 10 minutes inside their respective trash cans, then we measured the residual ammonia gas concentration in each trash can. On the left, you can see VentiFresh's results against the baking soda disk. It is clear that VentiFresh is more effective in reducing odorous gases.

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    Ammonia Test

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    Efficient and smart air purifier targeting odors in gas form

  • Small Form Factor with

    Advanced Technology

    Don't mask odors, break them down



    The Technology We Use

    Inspired by NASA Technology