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    The VentiFresh team comes from the “opto-semiconductors industry”, which deals with the quantum mechanical effects of light. Our parent company, Wiseome Inc., origin from Conary Enterprise, is based in Taiwan and focuses on delivering solutions for high-tech consumer products to market. The firm has been in operation for more than 40 years.


    In 2004, Conary Enterprise underwent restructuring by encouraging internal start-ups, which allowed team managers to provide solutions and services on a per-project basis. The company’s culture of encouraging internal start-ups has positioned itself at the forefront of creating innovative solutions from the technology sector. These mini-startups within Conary Enterprise started with new LED lighting applications, and now the Innovative Product Team has taken part in projects from mega architecture lighting to medical-grade lighting therapy devices. Today, we deliver modulated solutions for product design and ODM brands to businesses around the world. We supply materials and devices for product manufacturers, such as lasers, LEDs, and solar cells.

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    Since we're already well known in the industry and supply chains, the team has been consulted by companies worldwide in opto-semiconductor related businesses. These experiences prompted the team to realize that they could use technical know-how to solve everyday problems!


    The first product introduced to the market was the iPin Laser brand, including award-winning laser presenters and laser spatial rulers for iPhones.


    The newest invention by our Innovative Product Team is the photocatalyst odor eliminator, VentiFresh.

    VentiFresh, is a semiconductor-based odor eliminator that uses UV photocatalyst technology to remove odors where they first generated. With the ultimate goal of solving everyday issues, VentiFresh is designed to be small and portable to fit into storage spaces that weren't possible before and to make UV photocatalyst technology affordable and available to all. VentiFresh specialized in ridding small spaces, such as cat toilets, trash cans, shoe cabinets, fridges and gym lockers, of lingering odor.


    This technology may also be expanded for use in portable toilets, ambient bacterial control, or formaldehyde control.


    We welcome opportunities providing industrial solutions for your products or businesses.