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    Electronic Air Purifier Module

    We offer technical product solutions by developing full-functional electronic modules fitting to client's own housing design, including stand-along housings, furniture, household containers, storage boxes, compact rooms, etc.


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    Application Developments


    From computer game stations to storage cabinets, we offer the most compact design to help with the germs and odor control solution to your product developments. We work with product managers and R&D engineers to evaluate and incorporate a custom UV photocatalyst module into end products such as the personal computers, adding air purify functions to entertainment, office and home electronic systems and bringing integrated health values.



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    Propriety Photocatalyst Carrier

    We worked with national advanced material research team to develop proprietary photocatalyst coating process and carrier, increasing the effective contact area by 300% and longer-lasting lifetime.

    Patented Technology

    Our device design and applications have been awarded with worldwide patents, demonstrating the innovative idealization while successfully realizing the concept in commercial production.

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    VentiFresh photocatalyst structure versions
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    Create New Products with Our Patented Technology