• VentiFresh Oakwood

    Your Personal Air Purifier


    New Version with UVC Power Upgraded by 10% !

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    Air Purification Everywhere, Anytime

    Stylish Design for Homes and Offices

  • Extra Protection Throughout the Day

    The Portable Balance of Purification and Design Fits Everywhere

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    Plug in a VentiFresh unit on the desk to enhance air circulation.

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    Power VentiFresh device with a rechargeable USB battery.

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    Turn on a VentiFresh Eco Plus Oakwood to safeguard the ambient near you.

  • Portable Safety on the GO

    Start your socializing by creating a shield that break down harmful particles

    Use VentiFresh ECO PLUS Oakwood as a shield to support your carefree lifestyle in the post-Covid-19 new normal. Inspired by NASA’s photocatalyst technology, VentiFresh works as a personal air purifier designed to enhance and freshen indoor air. This UVC-powered model reduces household odors, allergens, and microbes without the use of filters, masking chemicals and fragrances. Smaller than a coffee cup, you can take VentiFresh on the go by plugging it into any USB power source. Its minimalist design is suitable for any environment - whether you’re working from home, returning to the office, or just taking additional precautions in social meetings. Give your friends and family the gift of safe and fresh air.

    An Added Layer of Protection

    Layer 1 - Photocatalyst Layer
    NASA inspired technology breaks down germs and VOCs instead of catching or masking.

    Layer 2 - UV-C Light
    Germicidal UV-C rays sterilizes microorganisms. 10% power upgrade for the limited Oakwood style.

    Layer 3 - UV-A Light
    UV-A rays activate the core photocatalysis Hot Zone that takes out bacteria and germs.

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    Pack Content


    No Battery Inside.

    Designed for easy carry everywhere, the VentiFresh Plus Oakwood weights only 2.5oz (70g) and sizes smaller than a coffee cup. Minimal & recyclable package materials are used to help reducing waste.

  • The VentiFresh Family At A Glance

    We've made a lot of improvements since 2016. Learn more about different VentiFresh models.

    product photo of ventifresh car odor eliminator

    VentiFresh Car Pack

    Released in 2021. Available through select retailers and here on our website.

    USD$ 88.00


    • VentiFresh ECO PLUS (UVC)
    • Custom Car Vent Clip
    • Magnet Mount
    • One-Meter-Long USB Power Cable
    product photo of ventifresh uvc personal air sterilizer

    VentiFresh PLUS (UVC)

    Available through select retailers and here on our website.

    USD$ 84.99


    • Germicidal Protection with UV-C Light 
    • Available in Worldwise and on Amazon.com 
    product of ventifresh eco pet odor eliminator

    VentiFresh PLUS OAKWOOD

    New 2022 Edition. Available through select retailers and here on our website.

    USD$ 88.00


    • Germicidal Protection with UV-C Light 
    • Standby, Quiet and Turbo Modes
    • Gel-Pad Installation 
    • Available Worldwide