• Cat Litter Odor Eliminator & More

    Perfect for organic odors in small spaces

  • It's Simple to Use VentiFresh ECO Plus as Air Sanitizer

    a quick start guide on how to use ventifresh odor eliminator
  • VentiFresh ECO Odor Eliminator

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • Designed for Containers and Personal Spaces

    VentiFresh Odor Eliminator is perfect as an air purifier for cat litter boxes

    how to get power supply for ventifresh pet odor eliminator

    Small form factor

    Install Inside Small Storage

    Odor eliminator to be installed inside containers such as cat litter boxes (cat toilets), trash cans, and shoe cabinets. Designed to eliminate more than 50% of stinky odors within 30min of operation, preventing odors from spreading to the room.

    plugging in the mirco usb cable for ventifresh


    Plug in to use, no need to change battery or filters.

    With the flat wire, Ventifresh can be easily install inside any containers. Also, as it just needs to plug in and auto play, there is no battery to be changed. Without battery, Ventifresh is light and small, perfectly fit in everywhere in your home, office or car.

    a guide to installing ventifresh with a gel-pad

    Install with Gel Pad

    Stand Alone Air Purifier Easy to Install

    Use Gel Pad to easily re-attach and remove the unit for portable uses, works with any storage or containers. Try your VentiFresh with your cat litter box, diaper pail, trash can, shoe closet, bathroom, or in your Tiny Home.

  • Gel-Pad Installation Guide

    The Ultimate Pet Odor Remover

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    Smart Cat Litter Odor Purifier

    that Acts Like a Ventilation Fan, only Easier & Cheaper.

    VentiFresh actively draws in stinky air and cleans it up with a build-in motor fan. It is a cat pee odor remover that really works, without nasty chemicals and harmful substances. Have a clean and fresh-smelling home all the time with a device so small and quiet; you can hardly notice it’s there.

  • Ways to Use VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

    Use it as a pet odor remover, smoke smell remover, and more!

    Cat Litter Box

    Air purifier for your cat litter box


    Fresh air on the move

    Trash Can

    Odor removal for your garbage

    Shoe Cabinet

    Absorb and process unwanted odors