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VentiFresh Oakwood Gift Package Is Ready To Ship To Your Home For The Holidays!

Pet-lovers on your holiday gift list will be thanking you all year long when you give them the new VentiFresh ECO PLUS Oakwood Gift Package. Our holiday pre-sale might be over, but you can still have the gift of fresh air tucked merrily under your tree. Celebrate the season with a pet odor eliminator that looks good while it works. VentiFresh is offering free shipping just in time for the holidays.

Enjoy Odorless Holiday Get-Togethers With VentiFresh ECO PLUS Pet Odor Eliminator 

You don't have to worry about pesky pet smells when gathering with family and friends at home for the holidays. VentiFresh ECO PLUS Pet Odor Eliminator breaks down odors using advanced photocatalytic technology designed to decompose rather than just cover up odors. Your home will be filled with the aromas of festive food and not unwelcome pet odors. Here are some of the reasons VentiFresh ECO PLUS might be everyone's favorite holiday gift.

  • It's simple to install — VentiFresh's compact size and reusable gel pad make it easy to install anywhere odor-fighting is needed.
  • It's Eco-Friendly — VentiFresh uses no harmful chemicals and has been certified as safe by the Photobiological Safety Testing program. 
  • It's convenient to use — VentiFresh doesn't require batteries. You just simply use the USB Power Cable to plug it in and let it work its magic.
  • It's an effective odor eliminator —  Our happy customers will tell you how well VentiFresh ECO PLUS Pet Odor Eliminator really works.

VentiFresh Oakwood Gift Package Offers Your Loved Ones A Festive Gift of Fresh Air

The new VentiFresh Oakwood Gift Package is as thoughtful a gift as it is a practical one. The pet people on your gift list will be delighted by the colorful and attractive seasonal packaging. But even more so, they will be impressed by the odor-eliminating capabilities such a small device provides. The limited-edition gift package is ideal for home or office use. It's an odor-busting, fresh air solution you will wonder how you lived without.

Where Can The VentiFresh Oakwood Gift Package Be Ordered?

VentiFresh Oakwood Gift Package is ready to be shipped to your door for the holidays. Free shipping is available when you order your pet odor eliminator from the VentiFresh website. Give the gift of fresh, clean air this holiday season for guaranteed smiles all around.