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VentiFresh Pet Odor Eliminator Celebrates The Season With New Packaging And Color

You might have thought VentiFresh ECO PLUS Pet Odor Eliminator couldn't get any cooler than it already is. But VentiFresh's limited edition seasonal gift package just brought odor busting to a whole new level. With the same NASA-inspired technology and air-cleaning efficiency, the autumn gold ECO PLUS with its cheerful packaging is a gift list must. 

Removing stubborn odors has never looked so good!

VentiFresh ECO PLUS Is The Odor Eliminator Pet Lovers Rave About

VentiFresh ECO PLUS Pet Odor Eliminator breaks down odors without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals. The UV photocatalyst core inside the device uses natural photosynthesis to decompose pesky pet odors rather than just covering them up. The result is clean, fresh air even your pets will appreciate. Here are a few of the reasons VentiFresh ECO Plus is the ideal gift.

  • It's safe - VentiFresh is safe for you and your pets. It has been tested and classified as no hazard "exempt class" by Photobiological Safety Testing.
  • It's eco-friendly - VentiFresh ECO uses no masking chemicals or filters. Odors disappear using our unique photocatalytic process for naturally clean air.
  • It's easy to use - VentiFresh ECO PLUS is compact, installs easily using our included gel pad base, and simply just needs to be plugged in.
  • It works - You only need to check the online reviews from our happy customers to know just how well VentiFresh works.

Give The Gift Of Fresh Air With VentiFresh ECO PLUS New Seasonal Gift Package

Bring smiles to the faces of the pet lovers on your holiday gift list this year with the new VentiFresh ECO PLUS seasonal gift package. Starting November 1st, you can pre-order the revolutionary pet odor eliminator everybody is talking about. Here is why your family and friends will be impressed by this thoughtful and functional gift. 

  • New Packaging but Same Clean Air Results - The packaging may be more festive but VentiFresh ECO PLUS continues to be the same hard-working odor eliminator.
  • Seasonal Limited-Edition Color - VentiFresh celebrates the spirit of the season with a new, eye-catching autumn gold color.
  • Great Gift Choice for the Office - Keeps home or work offices smelling fresh all day long.
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Where To Buy VentiFresh ECO PLUS New Seasonal Package

VentiFresh's cozy seasonal gift package is available for pre-order on our website starting November 1st. 

Give the gift of clean air to your friends and family this holiday season by pre-ordering our all-new VentiFresh ECO PLUS today.