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Say Farewell to the Cat Poop Smell with VentiFresh Odor Eliminator

Picture this; you're sitting on your couch after a hard day's work. With a cold beverage in hand, snuggled up under a soft blanket. Perhaps there's the crackle of a warm fire as you sit and unwind. Your best furry friend hops up to greet you, excited to have you home again. Perfect, right? But what's that smell? You glance around the room and finally find the culprit: your cat's litter box. What do you do? You could reach for that harsh chemical scented spray you keep under the sink. Yeah, that'll make it go away...until you have to go and spray it again. Or maybe you plug in the air freshener you bought last week, because why wouldn't masking the odor fix it? But what if this whole situation could have been prevented? (No, not by never getting a cat in the first place). Introducing VentiFresh.

VentiFresh is space-age tech from the future, or at least that is what you will think after using it. The technology powering VentiFresh was inspired by NASA. Yes, that NASA. VentiFresh is not an air freshener, nor does it spread any harsh chemicals around. Using a combination of UV photocatalyst technology and superior air ventilation techniques, VentiFresh is able to truly neutralize the odor-causing compounds floating in the air.  

A dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan vacuums up the contaminated air. Now the magic happens. The stinky air gets zapped by a photocatalyst that has been energized by UV light. What does that do? Well, that initiates the breakdown of volatile organic compounds in the air and turns them into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. That's chemistry. Yep, all that stink is turned into clean air without a filter! That means no filter needing changed constantly. Oh, and did we mention that VentiFresh is proven safe for pets and children? That's right!  

So what do you say, are you ready to say farewell to that cat poop smell? It's just a click away on the Official VentiFresh shop.