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How Does a Cat Poop Odor Eliminator Help?

The Problem: Stinky Cat Poop

You love your kitty unconditionally. But sometimes, that love is tested by your darling’s potty odor. Your cat is akin to your baby; their poop surely stinks just as much as a human toddler’s. You dutifully clean their litter box twice a day and try to move their box to a well ventilated area but there is only so much you can do in a small living space (who’s going to open the window in the middle of January?). It is even more frustrating when Princess decides to go potty on the carpet, or in her carrier box. Air fresheners do the trick, but it can cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems overtime. If only there was a safe effective cat poop odor eliminator!

The Solution: VentiFresh

Luckily, there exists such a gadget that is a simple and long-term solution to pungent pet odors. Inspired by NASA, VentiFresh offers a portable and rechargeable odor eliminator and air purifier duo. VentiFresh uses UV photocatalytic technology to destroy odor particles. This dynamic duo converts volatile organic compounds, or odors in gas form, into odorless products like carbon dioxide and water upon contact. 

What is VentiFresh?

These convenient gadgets come in VentiFresh Car Pack, VentiFresh ECO PLUS - UVC Personal Air Sterilizer and VentiFresh ECO. It is durable, lightweight and compact. VentiFresh not only eliminates pet odors, but also viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold that might come from the litter box. Simply install VentiFresh within 1-2ft of the source of indoor pollution, select between Quiet mode or Turbo mode, and take a deep breath. To read more about the science behind this effective solution, click here!

Unique to other odor solutions, VentiFresh is the only product that has:

No masking chemicals: VentiFresh addresses odors at their root cause, which means the freshness doesn’t come from perfumes. 

No refills & consumables: No extra purchases necessary!

VentiFresh is a safe, long-term and effective solution compared to traditional ones like chemical scented sprays and baking soda. There is no need to replace any part of the purifier after plugging it in, as VentiFresh is the only cat poop odor eliminator that will naturally break down odor molecules. Our product is tested and proven to be safe for children and pets, and here is additional information on its safety and effectiveness. Talk about a miracle cure for that dreaded smell whenever you walk near the litter box! 

The Bottom Line

We understand that your love for your cat and fresh air should not have to be mutually exclusive. You deserve the best of both worlds without having to change Princess’s litter box twice a day, or worrying if your current air freshener is a health hazard. 

Shop VentiFresh today for a simple solution today!