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  • SGS Lab Tests

    The VentiFresh Odor Eliminator is an electrical deodorizer scientifically proven to be effective in SGS test lab conditions. Designed to process containers of 50L air volume, we have determined that it can break down more than 50% of odor concentration within a half hour.


    Test Facility: SGS Ultra Trace and Industrial Safety Lab for Performance Tests (Taiwan).

    SGS (www.sgs.com) is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

    Our product is such an innovative device that no lab currently provides testing chambers to operate in its intended conditions. Our team checked with all labs support air purifying tests, and they were only able to provide chambers of 1,000L, which is nearly 25 times the air volume that the VentiFresh is calibrated for, which is 40L.

    The discussion with SGS reached a point to run the tests using their standard test chambers. SGS tested five units together in a 1,000L air chamber for one hour. Over the course of these tests they experimented with two major kinds of gasses, specifically ammonia (which is a common odor signifier in urine) and Hydrogen Sulfide (which is a colorless gas associated with the rancid stench of rotten eggs).

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    (chart prepared based on ammonia test result from the report No. UG/2016/A0029)

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    (chart prepared based on Hydrogen Sulfide test result from the report No. UG/2016/A0030)



    These are very potent odors resistant to many commercially available stain/odor fighters. Despite that, VentiFresh proved to be effective, with a reduction in odor concentration by 33% within an hour per SGS reports. VentiFresh is intended to be used in much smaller containers, such as cat litter boxes and <50L trash cans. Since it’s proved to be working even with 1000L of air volume, we could conclude that it will prove to be extremely effective with the intended use. By design, in case the device processes up to forty liters “40L” of surrounding air volume, it will manage to break down beyond 50% of odor molecules within 30 minutes. The time it takes to treat and purify the odor varies depending on the gas nature as some gases react faster than others. Therefore, it may last less or more than half an hour to handle and get the mission done.