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  • Odor Eliminator Inspired By NASA

    Smart Air Cleaner for Your Households

    VentiFresh is an eco-friendly odor eliminator designed for small storage. It’s optimized at 45L air volume for uses such as trash cans, gym lockers, refrigerators, shoe cabinets, and cat litter boxes.


    Built in a compact fashion that’s never been seen before, this product combines air deodorization and ventilation techniques. Inspired by NASA’s adoption of photocatalysis technology on the International Space Station (ref: NASA Spinoff Page), it’s a process that imitates nature’s plant photosynthesis to decompose odor molecules and yields clean air, so there is no need for filter and maintenance-free. An UV photocatalyst core breaks up volatile odor compounds pressured into the air compartment of the device by a dust-resistant, low-noise motor fan.


    The VentiFresh device can be powered by a DC5V adaptor (used by phones) or power bank to move around for short term use, consuming only 3W of energy. Designed for no-hassle use, a smart light sensor automatically activates the device in the dark, and suspends the operation when detecting light. No tools required, simply use the build-in magnet and the included Mag Dot accessory, VentiFresh can be installed to metal or nonmetal surfaces within seconds. Designed to help you create a feel-good living environment, hands free, nose happy!


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