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    Meet VentiFresh 2.0

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  • What's New

    The same odor eliminating powers, just better.

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    Extended Cable

    Now 3x as long

    We swapped the original 1M (3.28ft) cable to the new 3M (9.84ft) cable. This cable is not just longer, it's designed to be stronger to help you reach and combat household odors.

    The flat USB cable is created through our own molds and tooling - definitely not cheap $5 flea market cables.

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    Gel-Pad Accessory

    A new installation option

    We introduced the Gel-Pad as an improved solution in the new package, holding VentiFresh in place no matter the type of containers you use. It is reusable and flexible. Simply rinse clean in warm water to reuse, you can attach it to any clean flat surface like a double-sided sticker to install your VentiFresh.

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    Industrial-Grade Packaging

    Protecting VentiFresh while it gets to you

    Keeping the elements of astonishing gift box presentation at package open, we have designed a stronger package box which passed industrial tests for international shipping. As usual, we only used recyclable materials.

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    Pan-European Plug

    Use it across continental Europe

    We included a new plug option which fits more European wall sockets. This extended profile matches all major power socket types in most continental Europe regions.