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    VentiFresh for Your Travels

    Take VentiFresh ECO on the road with you.

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    VentiFresh ECO: Pre-Order Now Available

    Pre-order now and get yours May 2020.

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    Designed for Your Home on Wheels

  • VentiFresh is Designed for Your Lifestyle

    If you are looking for a solution for odors in your tiny living space, look no further! VentiFresh is the product for you.


    Inspired by photocatalytic technologies that keep NASA’s International Space Station clean, VentiFresh breaks down odor molecules and yields fresh air. The size of a lemon, VentiFresh is your compact solution to combat common odors that live trash bins, cat litter boxes (cat toilets), refrigerators, camping gear, and more.

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    Low Power Consumption

    Ideal For Traveling

    We understand how power may be a concern while on the road.


    VentiFresh consumes just 2.16KW per month if it is running 24/7.


    With the kit USB power cord, so you may to to power it with your wall-plugs, mobile power banks, or even your laptop.


    Using a 37Wh / 10Ah power bank would give you around 12h of running time.


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    Breaks Down Odors

    Strike Down Odor From The Source

    Using UV Photocatalyst technology, VentiFresh breaks down odors on a molecular level.


    With our reusable Gel-Pad accessory, VentiFresh can be installed to metal or non-metal surfaces within seconds.



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    Size of a Lemon

    Small Solution with Major Impact

    We know that space is precious in your small living space.


    At only 68g, VentiFresh is the size of a lemon. You can easily take it on the road with you without worrying about space limitations.


    Use our 1-button control to cycle through Standby Mode, Quiet Mode and Turbo Mode to remove unwanted odor in your home on wheels.